Monday, January 11, 2016

Pharmacy Woes

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you realize that I do not make the best choices.  I tell people, if I choose a check-out lane at the grocery store, you should choose a different one, because I just made a bad decision. 
So, one of my Little Ones had a doctor's appointment.  They received a prescription for a medication to help them to breath.  The doctor's office said that they called the pharmacy and the pharmacy assured them that they had the medicine ready and waiting for us (I asked for a sample size at the doctor's office, just in case, but the doctor's office Assured me that they had already called and the medicine was waiting for me.).  Why am I surprised?  I know my life.  I know that things Rarely work out like they are supposed to.  So, we leave the doctor's office as it is closing at 5 and drive to pick up our prescription.  The pharmacist is on the phone when we get there.  Fine.  When they are ready, I say that I am there to pick up a prescription that has been called in.  Oh, no, the pharmacy is backed up today.  They are at least 2 hours behind.  Okay, so when do you close?  7.  Wait.  Let me do the math:  5 PM + at least a 2 hour delay = after 7 = After they close.  Um, so you are telling me to come and pick up our potentially life saving medicine tomorrow.  Thank you.  I would have called the doctor's office to ask them to send it to a different pharmacy, but the doctor's office was closed also. 
We don't plan to be sick or hurt.  I know what Life happens.  I just feel like Life Happens a lot more to me than to others.  :)
Let's pray that my Little One doesn't have any breathing issues tonight. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015