Tuesday, May 26, 2015

50¢ Corn Dogs at Sonic Drive-In, Tuesday, May 26, 2015

To celebrate National End of School Day, head on over to your local Sonic Drive-In restaurant any time May 26th to score 50¢ Corn Dogs.
*Each Corn Dog $0.50. Tax not included. Offer valid only on May 26th while supplies last. Add-Ons cost extra. Not good in conjunction with any other offers. Only at participating Sonic Drive-Ins.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Monday road closings for bike race, Monday, May 25, 2015

Ok everyone, here's the scoop on the road closures for Monday, 
Memorial Day They have changed the course to come down Market 
St instead of Broad St. Whereas Broad St was half-open last year, 
40th to 20th. Also, 40th St itself will be FULLY CLOSED. 

The race course will come down Market St / Alton Park Blvd to 40th St 
heading into St Elmo, and then turn right on Tennessee Ave (at the 
funeral home), left on St Elmo Ave (at Rico Monuments), then right to 
go up Ochs Hwy up Lookout. They will then come back down Scenic 
Hwy to Cummings, right on St Elmo Ave, through the St Elmo business 
district past 1885, jogging right and then left on Tennessee to go back 
out 40th St. See the map links below if you need a visual on that!

Although 40th and Market will be closed, there will be traffic allowed 
intermittently through the St Elmo Ave section of the course as well as 
on Cummings Hwy. In past years Cummings was closed all day. The 
map shows it being open intermittently.

When I say "intermittently", let me explain a little about the race in case 
you haven't been around before. There will be police everywhere getting 
radio updates. They will know when the racers are heading towards St 
Elmo. There will be a huge train of vehicles before and after the racers: 
police, media, team cars, medical, etc. When the lead vehicle comes 
through, they will close the course. It will remain closed until all of the 
lead vehicles, racers, and then following vehicles pass until finally the 
"sweeper" car (with the broom on the front!) goes by, at which point 
they will reopen the course. The total time for the train to go by will 
depend partly on how spread out the racers get. By the fourth lap of 
the men's race, it could be upwards of 20-30 minutes. During that time 
traffic will basically be sitting there waiting for the road to open up.

Personally, if I needed to go downtown or anywhere not due south 
during the race, I would probably head south on Tennessee Ave to 
where it curves around to the left at 55th and becomes Lee Ave, 
which eventually curves around to become Central Ave and hits 38th 
St. Then I'd turn right and go to Rossville Blvd to head to the highway 
or downtown. Longer, but possibly not as long as waiting to get to 
Broad St.

Here's the schedule and approximate closure times.

The Women's race starts at 9:00 am with three short loops downtown 
before two of the long loops that include St Elmo and Lookout. So look 
for the first closure to start maybe around 9:15 - maybe a little later but 
don't cut yourself short! There will be two closures during this race, 
and the first one shouldn't last more than 10 minutes.

The Men's race starts 1:30 pm with four short loops before four long 
loops. Look for them to hit the Elmo by 2:00 pm. There will be four 
closure periods, and as I mentioned, they will get progressively longer 
as the pack spreads out. I'm thinking the laps take about 40-45 minutes 

Folks, these are the national championship professional cycling races - in 
OUR neighborhood! Now... there are admittedly inconveniences, but let's 
try to look on the bright side and take the opportunity to show off the best 
of St Elmo, whether that's volunteering, cheering, or helping out the 
befuddled drivers who just wanted to get to Rock City or Ruby Falls. 
Since this year we have two-way race traffic, it's an even better place to
watch than before, so we might have a lot of visitors.

Here's an overall map of the race course:


and here's a more detailed map that shows the road closures:


Chattanooga Libraries Closed for Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2015

All library branches will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday 5/25.
Library branches will reopen Tuesday 5/26 at regular times.

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